Monday, May 19, 2014

Finding A Tech Savvy Realtor

The modern day housing market has changed with home buyers typically having the upper hand. Years back, home shoppers had to call an agent to check out local listings and schedule a tour of homes.

Now with technological advances and the Internet, almost anyone can search for new or older resale homes, apartments, condominiums, and townhouses in the privacy of their own home via their home PC, smartphone or laptop.

If you want to sell your home, it certainly makes sense to hire a realtor that knows how to effectively market your home to today's buyer. A recent survey of home buyers conducted by The Real Estate Book discovered that fifty percent of them considered mobile tools to be an essential part of their home search. And of those, 98% percent thought their mobile device was a valuable tool with 78% of them viewing photos and videos of homes on their device. What is interesting for you to know is that 68% sought out a listing agent based on their mobile search.

Given that more half the buyers employ technology to do their shopping, it is imperative that you hire a reputable, market and tech-savvy agent that will have a much better chance of selling your home quickly and for the price you want. What makes a realtor tech-savvy? Here are a few tried and true factors to look for when selecting a technologically skilled agent.

Check For Their Website - Home shoppers are going to click on one of the first websites they see, so if a potential agent is not showing up when you do a search, chances are home buyers will not find them either. Poorly constructed websites will be passed over by buyers making you lose out on many potential leads. If the agent's website offers you to 'shop' at your own personal ease and enjoyment, know that buyers will be probably feel the same way as you do and stick around.

Social Media Setup - Simple interaction in the social sphere shows that your realtor knows how important online communication is to modern day buyers. After all, a good agent can utilize tools like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or YouTube to highlight your home and further communicate their thoughts and ideas with a wider audience.

Solid Home Search Option - The most important tool for any truly tech-savvy realtor to have is a fantastic home search option. Remember, almost 100% of the market is turning to online searches to find a new home. So if you're agent doesn't have an easy-to-use search, you will be missing out on an unbelievable amount of traffic.

Presentation And View-Ability Factors - How does the prospective agent's use of technology properly market properties similar to yours? Are images presented in a tasteful, user-friendly way and/or do they offer professional-looking video tours of homes? For higher-end properties, are aerial video and professional photography used? Poor quality or grainy images, difficult navigational tools, long-loading applications will deter buyers from coming back to your realtor's website.

Make sure all tools available on the listing agent's website are mobile app friendly as well. Ask if their website will has been converted to HTML 5, which ensures all images, videos, and other information can be easily viewed on tablets, smartphones, PCs or any other device without installing special software. In other words, buyers will be able to see the same easy-to-navigate site on any device quickly and easily.

There are other small benefits, such as your realtor being able to update you via email or text message, so you can stay updated even if you aren't able to be involved in a full-fledged conversation. Finding a realtor that knows how to use the Internet, social media websites, and mobile applications can be easy if you think like a buyer. By "Mock" shopping online using web tools and thinking like a potential buyer looking for a house like yours, you can find a tech savvy agent to market your home.

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Receiving Multiple Offers

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In the world of Real Estate there is nothing more wonderful than receiving multiple offers on your home.

This can and does often happen after an open house, an exclusive realtor only showing, a special announcement, or other highly successful marketing technique being utilized.

If you are lucky enough to be a seller located in an area that sells quickly and is highly sought after, you can often receive multiple offers.

Even in a buyer’s market a seller can sometimes get multiple offers on their home. Generally certain things will drive a multitude of offers your way and when and if this happens to you it’s time to celebrate the opportunity and, more importantly, make some decisions.


Making a Choice

When looking at multiple offers not all offers are created equal and it’s important to realize that the “highest bid” isn’t necessarily the best deal. Some offers come with contingencies that could slow down or even end up without you selling the home, such as the sale being contingent upon the buyer selling their home within a certain number of days. Other offers may come in with slightly lower dollar amounts but no contingencies.

Offers with no or minimal contingencies may be more appealing than those that come in with higher dollar amounts but a huge list of contingencies. You have to weigh every factor of the offer and compare each offer with a very close eye. Many times this is where the experience and knowledge of your agent comes in handy because they may be able to point out certain pros and cons that you may overlook.


Figuring the Final Selling Price

As we pointed out earlier, the selling price is not the only factor that should play into your final decision of which bid you accept. In many cases accepting a lower bid that sells the house immediately can save you thousands of dollars in mortgage payments for the time you are waiting for contingencies to be met and the closing to finally happen.

Factoring in things such as a lower selling price but the buyer paying all closing costs as opposed to a higher selling price but splitting closing fees is very important. You have to figure out what the real final price is that you will be selling for when the deal is done and you may find out that it’s not always as black and white as you think.

Helping with financing, taking on closing fees or sharing closing fees, paying for certain updates, making repairs, and keeping the home under your ownership for a month or even longer can add up the dollars that you are paying out or losing out on quickly.

These small, often unnoticeable expenses can add up and create a difference of thousands of dollars in the final sale price. Again, utilize the expertise of your agent to help you decide which offer is best for you and which one truly comes out the best financially when all things are considered.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

8 Tips for Adding Curb Appeal and Value to Your Home

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